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        News & Events

        News & Events

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        Recent News

        Date Title
        02/18/2020 Westlake Chemical Appoints Johnathan Zoeller Chief Accounting Officer
        02/18/2020 Westlake Chemical Corporation Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2019 Results
        02/18/2020 Westlake Chemical Partners LP Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2019 Results
        02/14/2020 Westlake Chemical Corporation Declares Quarterly Dividend
        02/04/2020 Westlake Chemical Partners Announce Fourth Quarter and Full Year Earnings for 2019 Conference Call

        News Archive

        Recent and Upcoming Events

        Date Title
        02/19/2020 Barclays Industrial Select Conference
        02/18/2020 Q4 2019 Westlake Chemical Corporation Earnings Conference Call
        02/13/2020 Morgan Stanley Chemicals, Agriculture and Packaging Corporate Access Day
        12/10/2019 2019 SunTrust Industrials and Service Summit
        12/03/2019 Citi Basic Materials Conference
        11/21/2019 Cowen Chemicals, Metals and Mining Summit
        11/12/2019 Morgan Stanley Global Chemicals, Agriculture and Packaging Conference
        11/07/2019 UBS Chemicals Toronto Mini-Conference
        11/06/2019 Baird’s 2019 Global Industrials Conference
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